Need a perfect wedding magician?

Wedding Magician has provided quality,professional entertainment in weddings to all the attendees with the dose of laughter and happiness. Original magic effects from the most intimate of close up magic to the grandest of stage illusions are featured. He has also developed award winning custom illusions, special effects for corporate clients including floating a car and Vanishing 7 people at once! He also serves as Magic & Illusion Consultant to other illusionists, Canadian Theatre Groups and CBC Television.

Your guests will be astounded as objects disappear and reappear right before their very eyes. Close-Up Magic Show can entertain from TEN to ONE THOUSAND guests. Whatever the occasion, everyone will love the magical experience! His stage experiences include: Master of Ceremonies, Comedy Magic, and Trade Show Booth Spokesman. Whether you are looking for an entertainer for a private function or a competitive trade show look no further!

Amazing sleight of hand skill sets wedding magician apart from other performers. Gimmicks and trick props are not part of his show -only true showmanship with a pack of cards, shiny coins and a Winning Personality ensures a Truly Magical Experience!