The Difference in Modern and Contemporary Styles

Modern and contemporary interior designs are different but it is funny how many people think that they are one and the same. These words are often used and many get a little bit confused with them. Modern styles are generally designs that came into the interior design world in the late 1800s, while contemporary styles which was a blend of a couple of styles started to be recognized as its own in the 1970s. Below are some of the notable differences in modern and contemporary styles.

  • Modern interior designs usually follow a specific format when used while contemporary styles are a combination of many other styles that make it up.
  • The colors that are used in modern styles are more of neutral and natural colors but those in contemporary styles vary and extend the color scale as its aim is to express and bring out details.
  • Modern styles are mostly used on strong lines as they appear more favorable. They emphasize on the horizontal and vertical lines mostly. Contemporary styles favor curves since the furnishings that are used are in distinctive forms.
  • Modern style is an already established interior design style that cannot be changed at all. On the other hand, contemporary styles keep changing over time. New ideas and other designs are often fussed into making it an even better and evolving design.

Both styles are commonly used in interior design because they are classy and have a fine finish. Contemporary design is more embraced by people whose key concern is details as it is flexible and adopts other styles too.

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