The Difference in Modern and Contemporary Styles

Modern and contemporary interior designs are different but it is funny how many people think that they are one and the same. These words are often used and many get a little bit confused with them. Modern styles are generally designs that came into the interior design world in the late 1800s, while contemporary styles which was a blend of a couple of styles started to be recognized as its own in the 1970s. Below are some of the notable differences in modern and contemporary styles.

  • Modern interior designs usually follow a specific format when used while contemporary styles are a combination of many other styles that make it up.
  • The colors that are used in modern styles are more of neutral and natural colors but those in contemporary styles vary and extend the color scale as its aim is to express and bring out details.
  • Modern styles are mostly used on strong lines as they appear more favorable. They emphasize on the horizontal and vertical lines mostly. Contemporary styles favor curves since the furnishings that are used are in distinctive forms.
  • Modern style is an already established interior design style that cannot be changed at all. On the other hand, contemporary styles keep changing over time. New ideas and other designs are often fussed into making it an even better and evolving design.

Both styles are commonly used in interior design because they are classy and have a fine finish. Contemporary design is more embraced by people whose key concern is details as it is flexible and adopts other styles too.

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5 Interior Design Tips For 2017

Interior design is constantly changing and each year, there are trends which come up which the discerning designer needs to look out for. Applying these tips and trends to your work will ensure your designs remain modern and current.

Here are 5 Interior Design Tips for 2017;

  1. Warm and natural tones are in – Warm materials like terracotta and use of wood or natural materials are in for 2017. This adds lots of warmth and character to spaces so gone are the days of using austere tiles and finishes. It’s all about personality and character and what better way than to use natural materials to create a warm and cosy finish to your space.
  2. Back to nature – Colours associated with nature are back. Dark green seems to resonate with designers and consumers and this brings the feel of nature right back to the home.
  3. Places to retreat – As technology becomes increasingly intrusive, people will seek hide away spots where they can reconnect with themselves and nature. This could be a room such as a library or a garden where someone can tune off the modern world and reconnect.
  4. Dark timber – Use of dark timber is trending and there are a number of ways to be versatile about this design whether it’s in the kitchen, living room or in you bath or bedroom.
  5. Lavishness – Jewel toned palettes are trending with an increase of rich colours, sheer fabrics and silks coming into play in 2017.


These 5 interior design tips will keep you current and trendy in 2017.

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Hire Best People For Bulky Waste Clearance

Bulky waste clearance calls for strategic planning, in order to ensure that the clearance process yields its desired fruits. To start with, bulky waste may comprise of old and broken sofas, furniture, or even bulky waste from a construction site. As such, there are some basic rules of engagement you ought to always put in mind when looking to pick the best people for this bulky waste;

  • Online; the internet continues to be your number one destination, when searching for the best people to handle bulky waste clearance for you. There are reputable and reliable companies complete with their profiles and even demonstration tutorials of how they conduct their clearance. Pick the waste clearance company you feel will deliver.
  • Reputation; while many bulky waste clearance companies will have an online presence and with colorful websites, not all of them are to be trusted! Some are out there to just fleece you of your hard earned cash. Thus always take time to weigh and evaluate the reputation of the company you are interested in. In this regard, you may have to dig deeper and check the testimonials of former clients, and what they have to say about the services they got. Visit their social media pages like Facebook and see how they respond to client complaint’s and concerns. If you can get it right with reputation, then you’re halfway there.
  • Demonstration; so you have identified a bulky waste clearance company you feel is right, and have also dug deeper to ascertain its reputation. So what next? At this stage, you should go ahead and contact the company preferably via phone or email. Once you’ve explained to them about your particular waste clearance proposal, they’ll likely advice you on the best way forward. Don’t forget to request for a brief demonstration of how they will undertake the job you need done. This could include you being shown their specially equipped trucks and equipment for executing that task.
  • Cost; if at this stage you are still impressed by what you’ve seen, then go ahead and discuss on the cost of having the bulky waste cleared from your premises. Settle for a fair and reasonable rate; paying more doesn’t always imply that the services will be great. And like wise, paying cheap may see you end up with quack waste clearers who will leave you with more trouble than initially.


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Effective House Clearance Battersea

There are various reasons why you might need to hire the services of a house clearance company in Battersea. If you need to move your items, recycle your waste or clean up that unsightly heap of junk lying in your compound which adds more space, you realize the importance of having an efficient house clearance company to cater for such needs. Since you are the one who knows best how your rubbish could be causing distress, you need to be careful when investing in the services of a cleaning service. Look for the following factors;

  • Reputation; a good house clearances company should have demonstrated ability in caring for such waste removal. There are many companies sprouting up in Battersea and if you are not careful you might be dealing with scrupulous waste removal companies which could turn your project into a nightmare. In order to find the best cleaning services in Battersea you need to contact Rubbish Away which has a good reputation after having satisfactorily met the needs of homeowners and business professionals.
  • Equipment; the backbone of any cleaning service company is its investment in the right equipment. By having the necessary tools, machinery and equipment, a company will be efficient in cleaning up a home, garden, garage or office. Our fleets of trucks in various sizes ensure your waste collection requests are met with the highest level of professionalism from a company like Vonvil Junk Ltd.
  • Customer care; you do not need a house clearance company just when you need to dispose off your garbage. There are times you may need to contact them if you have any other queries regarding their service. We at Rubbish Away Ltd keep this fact in mind when attendants to our clients. We pride ourselves in having a great team of friendly customer service staff who will be eager to provide you with excellent service. The team is trained and knows how to deal with clients in a professional manner.
  • Great pricing; there are so many house clearance companies in Battersea and the only way to beat this completion is offering competitive prices. That is why our prices are unbeatable. By keeping our prices low, we attract thousands of visitors both with small and large projects.


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